An incredible scent journey

Welcome to Drop Tales! I’m so delighted to have you here. You must be wondering what Drop Tales is about: my goal is to share my experiences and insights of using essential oils while weaving Drops and Tales together. I’ve been both studying and personally experiencing aromatherapy for many years now and the way it has a profound effect on both the body and soul. It has changed my life and I want more people to also feel the healing power that these oils hold.

Begin your aroma-journey here

In my work, I guide people on personal scent-journeys where they can explore their inner world using different premium essential oils – something that can be intriguing for everyone. Take a deep sniff of a spice box or simply think of a ripe, freshly peeled orange. Does it come with a feeling, an emotion or a memory? Almost certainly yes. The sense of smell is the most powerful one of them all, it immediately stimulates the limbic system, also known as the control centre for emotions, so we have an immediate, highly instinctive and visceral reaction to smells.

This is why these fragrant journeys can be very revealing, deep and intimate, divulging so much about who we really are. But how does it take place and why is it so useful? I place 20-25 premium essential oils in front of you, and while you are smelling and sharing your thoughts, I take notes. As we go along, we’ll explore your very personal relationship with scents, what you resonate with, what makes you feel averse and why, what oils might be worth exploring more. This is an incredibly exciting experience in itself, a completely new and insightful adventure. But it is just the tip of the iceberg, a glimpse into a world that offers huge potential for transformation. And if you wish, I can create your personal blend or perfume based on my notes. I can also give suggestions for specific problems and tell you which oils to incorporate into your life. 

I work brand independently, using oils from what I believe are the most authentic, highest quality brands.

A sneak peak

The scent of orange is positive, energising, joyous, playful. One of the few scents that almost everyone recognises. Each person has a beautiful but very unique experience with the same oil.

To whom do I recommend the scent journey?

To those who:

  • want to connect deeply with their emotions
  • want a unique and intimate experience, whether alone, with a partner or a friend
  • want a personalised natural perfume
  • want to relieve stress and anxiety, effectively
  • want to learn more about the best way to pick and start using aromatic oils
  • are interested in aromatherapy and would like to learn more about premium brands
  • are looking for a solution to a mental or physical problem and open to aromatherapy
  • work in therapy and are interested in discovering how aromatherapy works
  • are longing for an exciting, new way of self-discovery
  • want a customised blend
  • are curious about the way they react to different scents
  • have difficulty connecting to their emotions and would like to receive support in it
  • has always wondered about the difference between natural and artificial fragrances
  • are curious about themselves

About me

Aromatherapy is something I’m truly passionate about, it has been a transformative force in my life. I believe deeply in the intelligence and the extraordinary healing power of plants. I’ve been studying, experiencing and working with oils for 5 years. It has become an integral part of my day-to-day life. Besides my studies in Hungary, I’m currently completing the Aromatherapy Certification Program at the international Aromahead Institute. My studies and experiences provide me with reliable knowledge to confidently use and recommend oils, as well as making personalized blends. Essential oils can bring healing, transformation, power, joy and colour into our lives. I want to make sure that many more people can experience these benefits too. The abundance of positive feedback from others only strengthens my belief in this journey.

‘Despite aromatherapy being an ancient practice, it is also modern and very much relevant in today’s society, providing us with remedies to modern day diseases, ceiling immediate results.’

Dr Malte Hozzel 

What I offer

Personalised aroma-journey

I place a box filled of the finest oils in front of you and the journey begins. At first you won’t know what you’re smelling, you’ll just be immersed in the scents. As they open you up gently, you’ll begin to tell me about your experience, then I’ll tell you about the plant you’re discovering.  There’s no need to force it, you’ll notice how everything happens so spontaneously and you start to connect and communicate. It is a real connection with plants and yourself.

Aroma-journey with a partner

You can also experience the aroma-journey in pairs. Everything is done in the same way, but here you also meet on a intimate level through the oils. It often reveals some sides of ourselves and the other person we did not know or were difficult to access before. It can also be a very good, deepening experience for both couples and friends. It is important that you have a stable trusting relationship if you come together. 

Working with women

Flowers and their fantastic essences are the foundation of my engagement with women but working with them goes beyond aromatherapy. When a client visits me with women’s issues, I accompany her on an inward quest with flower essences, herbs, ceremonial cocoa, womb meditation and healing music. I am passionate about facilitating feminine healing and fulfilment, so I regularly make feminine blends. You can read more about this under ‘For women’.

Personalised advice

If you are struggling with a mental or physical problem and are open to aromatherapy solutions, I would like to invite you for a personal or online consultation. I do not diagnose, but if you already have a medical diagnosis or are looking for a natural solution to symptoms you have observed on yourself, we can discuss how oils can help you. In many cases, outstanding positive results and rapid improvement are witnessed.

Thematic workshops

I occasionally do workshops with a group of participants to experience the oils. I show you a range of premium brands and you can also take a group fragrance journey together, which is a different experience. You can try various oils and I tell you how to start incorporating them into your daily routine and what to look out for at the beginning. You can find the details of the next event under the Events tab.


If you’d like to collaborate, hold trainings, women’s circles, are looking for oils for your office to stay focused at work or you work in therapy and would like to support the process with essential oils, feel free to contact me! We’ll discuss how we could work together and which oils you might want to incorporate into your work. 

‘When inhaled, the essential oils have the capability on a cellular DNA level, to completely erase the memory of emotional trauma. Dr Joseph Ledoux of New York Medical University feels that the effect of inhaled oil vapours upon the amygdala gland could be a major breakthrough in the releasing of stored emotional trauma. The synergistic effects of smelling an essential oil influences the vibrational energy of our cells and thus helps us to heal on all levels; physical, emotional and spiritual.’

Dr Malte Hozzel 

Individual experiences and feedbacks