About me

My name is Sára Hortoványi and I’m working with beautiful essential oils in different ways. Aromatherapy is something I’m truly passionate about, it has been a transformative force in my life. I believe deeply in the intelligence and the extraordinary healing power of plants. I’ve been studying, experiencing and working with oils for 5 years. It has become an integral part of my day-to-day life. 

Besides my studies in Hungary, I’m currently completing the Aromatherapy Certification Program at the international Aromahead Institute. My studies and experiences provide me with reliable knowledge to confidently use and recommend oils, as well as making personalized blends. 

Essential oils can bring healing, transformation, power, joy and colour into our lives. I want to make sure that many more people can experience these benefits too. The abundance of positive feedback from others only strengthens my belief in this journey.

Get to know my story. 

How did I get into aromatherapy and why has it had such an impact on me ever since?


True, great loves come unexpectedly. You can’t really anticipate their arrival, but when they are here, they change your life completely, at the deepest level. That’s how it happened to me, one day in autumn-time…

But before I go on, I’ll jump back in time a bit to put things in context. At eighteen, I was not yet in the fortunate position – in the absence of any real experience – to really know what I wanted to do. What makes my heart beat faster, my eyes sparkle and that makes me truly believe that I am creating real value. I didn’t know what it was, but I was longing for it. I think we all do, actually.

So I first got a degree in economics and worked in the sales and marketing world for thirteen years in various fields. I have also travelled a lot and made some surprising detours: for example, I have tried my luck in New Zealand, in the world of winemaking, which was a nice romance, but still not love. 

Beside the development of my professional life, since I was young I have been actively pursuing my individual path of self-discovery, rooted in dance, music, and experiencing various bodywork and energetic techniques. Often trying new things, seeking opportunities for growth, ways to heal generational and individual trauma, and a deeper, healthier, more holistic connection with our bodies and the world around us. This is how it happened that, following my curiosity, I walked through the door of an aromatherapy basic training course on that particular beautiful autumn day.

…What I experienced there had a fundamental impact on my life. My eyes lit up with excitement and a genuine, heartfelt motivation. I didn’t think at the time that I had found my calling, but I knew for sure that essential oils connected me to myself and to nature in a much deeper, more visceral way than I had ever imagined. 

I was amazed at how smelling blindly can bring up deeply stored memories in a split second.

I connected with every scent. I remembered. I both sensed and felt. 

Now, 5 years later, with a wealth of experience and education behind me, I sit in front of my computer and try to put into words what meeting and working with plants has brought to my life. Without aiming to give an exhaustive list:

* I am more connected to my emotions. * Whatever I am struggling with, whether mental or physical, these are the first I turn to when in need of support. * I have more respect for nature.  * I became more sensitive and empathetic. * I listen more and observe better. * I became humbler. * I’ve found my calling; I’ve found my path. * My inner and outer work with my femininity and women clearly stems from here. * I have a deeper connection with my feminine side. * I live more intuitively. * I have overcome some difficulties I didn’t think possible. * I’ve become braver. * There is more joy in my life. * My life and the space I live in is fragrant. * I have left perfume behind; I make the scents I wear. * I can connect with other people in a special way through them. * I can give, wholeheartedly. * My work has value. * I create. * I am challenged. * I have become more curious. * I live a more conscious life. * I believe deeply in positive transformation and the knowledge of plants that help me in it. *


And then Drop Tales was born…


I didn’t want to consciously build a brand or a business, I just wanted to experience and learn for years. I spent a lot of time and attention on navigating my life with the help of oils – I had these fragrant little helpers with me at many places. But as the wind carries the scents, others noticed it, and people started coming. I started making blends for them. Then I started receiving feedback about how much it is loved, and I started to see that there was a great demand for it in the world, not just for me. 

Everyone is affected differently by oils, and they can help in different ways. Some people have physical conditions, others enjoy wearing a natural perfume that is tailored to them. Some people incorporate them into the lives of their young children, while others use them to ease their own emotional burdens. Many use it to relieve stress, or even to increase their ability to focus. Many use it for beauty care, and some for meditation, to help their inner journey. Many men can connect better with their emotions through them, and many women can reconnect with their forgotten, tender femininity through flower essences (you can read more about this in the For Women section). But one thing they all have in common is the pleasure they bring when being used.

During quarantine of 2020, I started doing fragrance tours (if you can’t go outside, let’s go on a journey inside;) and word of mouth recommendations started coming my way. It was so fantastic to see people opening up because of the oils, they just kept telling and talking about themselves, honestly and deeply. And I was telling stories as well.

And that’s where the name comes from: Drop Tales.

I wish the tales would never end. If only more and more of us understood and used the knowledge that plants contain, and in doing so, connected with ourselves, each other, and nature with ever greater respect, understanding and love. 

I hope I can help as many people as possible – from children to adults. 

Fortunately, aromatherapy has its own field in science. Research is being done on the effects of different therapeutic-grade oils – this helps to make the benefits of working with oils more widespread.

As I write these lines, I am smelling one of my favourite oils, lemon. It is said to be a jolly joker oil, loved by almost everyone. Its label is worn off, I hold it in my hand so regularly. It puts me together, helps me focus. I would love to be able to convey what an experience it really is. But unfortunately, it is not quite possible. It must be felt. If you want to feel it too, my doors are open for you. 




My studies: 
Since 2017: I have been attending courses of Panarom Institute Arometherapy in Hungary
Since 2022: I have been completing the certification program of the international Aromahead Institute Aromatherapy

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