Women who regularly indulge themselves with flowers allow them to activate the most beautiful, pure, and attractive feminine qualities in her. Aromatherapy has given us an insight into this world, and I am endlessly fascinated by its power.

By creating Happy Womb Rituals, I aim to promote the knowledge of flowers and the healing, liberating, transformative power of rituals so that it can reach as many women as possible. I feel that this kind of care is necessary in today’s hectic world.

But what is a female ritual like? 

Deep, liberating, unwinding, relaxing, beautiful, recharging, soothing, fragrant, safe.

The space you come into is already waiting for you with calm, welcoming and comforting energies. It’s important that you feel that you are being in the centre. You have time to relax, to actually arrive. During this process, you can unleash the real feminine parts of you that rarely get a chance to really unfold in our busy lives today, but you must be longing for them: sensuality, tenderness, grace, relaxed fulfillment, intuitive connection, joy…

In today’s fast-paced society, this kind of (self-)care is essential and needed by everyone. 

Why am I walking this path?

Since working with flower essences and ritual practice became part of my life, I feel like a much more sensual, authentic woman. It’s a form of self-care and attachment that isn’t taught.

I am seeking to bring us back, little by little, to our intuitive functioning based on true feminine sensitivity, beautifully and lovingly releasing and transcribing the generational and personal life traumas of our womb. 

Our womb is our primary power centre, the home of our physical and energetic creations, and it is very important that we relearn and reestablish our connection with it. The flower essences, ceremonial heart-healing cocoa, cycle awareness and techniques that work with the energetics of our womb are fantastic and powerful tools in this process. 

I want to bring rituals back into our lives so that we can give our inner work a proper space.

I find that if we create this space with enough care and understanding, giving it the respect it deserves, then relaxation, healing and joy can emerge from it in a powerful form. I desire to see more and more women experiencing how wonderful it is to connect in this quality. It’s not a privilege, just somewhat unfamiliar in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change.”– Buddha

What should you expect from a personal session?

I’ll sit you down, surround you with candlelight, healing music and let you arrive. I put a scent in your hand, and you slowly begin to connect. It will bring up feelings in you, memories, images, sensations. I will show you the flowers one by one and then you will know which ones you love the most, which ones you long for the most, which ones speak to your soul. You will meet a selected essence for a longer time, letting it reflect all that it represents. She will help you to delve deeper into the feminine journey that awaits you afterwards.

You have a variety of options, depending on what your current focus is.

Personal Women's Ritual with flower essences, womb meditation, cocoa and healing music

A true woman-centred ritual where you are in the focus. I recommend this opportunity for anyone who is seeking a deeper inner connection with their feminine side, their softness, their inherent beauty, and who wants to reconnect more and more with their femininity in a healthy way. Our tools are pure, fragrant flower essences, a mug of divine ceremonial cocoa, womb meditation, womb massage, and relaxing, deeply healing music.

Powerful emotional release, relief, relaxation, an encounter with sensuality, cleansing, healing, joy – these are all things you will experience in this personal ceremony, where I will provide space for you to enjoy it with safety and love. 

Even a single session can be very helpful and inspiring to continue the inner connection at home. My oils for women can also be a fantastic support in this everyday self-care.

Inner garden

4 sessions of cycle awareness and womb connection to support the menstrual cycle

The phases of the female cycle and their characteristics can best be compared to the 4 seasons, so that women hormonally go through an internal spring-summer-autumn-winter cycle each month.

This is our inner garden, and there is so much we can do to support the different ‘seasons’ in a beautiful way with essential oils, herbs, meditation, and proper nutrients. It means learning how to live life more and more in sync with our cycle. We will start the session with the phase you are in, so if you are having your period, for example, we will start with your inner winter. I will lovingly guide you on your journey of loving and nurturing your inner garden. 

After the four sessions you will be able to support your cyclical feminine quality in your daily life in a much more conscious way. 

I especially recommend this opportunity for those who have difficulties with their period or any stage of their cycle. It is also an excellent opportunity for young girls to become more aware of their body and their femininity at a young age.

Access Bars treatment

Access Bars®️ is a gentle and pleasant method that is now used in more than 170 countries around the world to trigger our self-healing processes. 

The bars consist of 32 energy bands that run through and around the brain. These bars connect certain “bar points” which are gently touched during the treatment while you lie down. These points are related to different areas and aspects of life, and the blockages stored here are released gently and gradually. 

You can expect an indulgent sense of relaxation and stress relief from this treatment, which is also a subtle feminine ritual because of the created space. 

There is no active self-work here, the emphasis is on relaxation. I recommend it to anyone who wants to relax and experience this special technique.  

Feedbacks from women

Happy Womb rituals has been born to evoke and nurture the sensual, attractive, kind and wise woman, who loves and supports herself and others around her.

Women who teach and inspire

Without being exhaustive, I would like to highlight a few of the many wonderful women from whom I have learnt so much along the way and whose work inspires and uplifts me every day. They are:

Adrienne Feller and Ágota Tobai, the founders of Panarom, whose trainings introduced me to aromatherapy for the first time; Kata Van van Doesselaar, with whom I am doing my Yin Yoga teacher training; Ronja Sebastian, from whom I learned how to use the yoni egg and many women’s practices over the years; Dr Aviva Romm, from whom I learn about the active ingredients of plants and their effects on women’s health with amazing depth and precision through her books and other online materials; Jumana Sophia, whose online course and techniques help me connect more deeply with my womb; Alexandra and Sjanie, founders of Red School, through whom I first heard and learned more in-depth about cycle awareness; Usha Anandi, founder of Wombenwellness, whose online materials have contributed so much to my cycle-synchronic living over the years; Dr Zsuzsanna Varga, founder of Functional Medicine for Women, whose materials have also helped me to walk the path of cycle awareness; Georgina Lazaridisz, founder of Health What Else, from whom I learned the safest natural Fertility Consciousness method; Sofia Sundari, through whose courses I have learned so much about feminine self-love; Melissa Sanger, creator of the Fundamental Feminine Wisdome podcast; and my friend Diana Auroree, with whom I will always be grateful for our women’s circles, for her ongoing support, presence, and being able to share this deep and honest journey with her.